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5 Photography Projects Your Kids Will Love!

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Photography is such a fun activity for all of the family. It completely transcends age and encompasses a broad range of skills. From creativity to balance it really is a great way to develop some of your fine motor and problem-solving skills all whilst getting the creative juices flowing! It’s the perfect hobby for children because it can be adapted to any age or skill set, it's something they can do with their parents and it is also something that has instantaneous results! Here are five photography project ideas that your children will love. Number one will require a DSLR camera, but the rest can be done with any equipment, from a DSLR to a polaroid to a camera phone, use what suits you best!

1. Painting with light! ( Requires DSLR Camera ) Painting with light is a really fun technique where you utilise the long exposure setting of your camera. Long exposure simply refers to a longer shutter speed. You can use any sources of lights, like a torch or even glow-sticks to then “paint” a picture in the air. The picture will then be revealed in the photograph. You will have to help your little one with the settings and it will take some experimentation to get it right, but it is so much fun and feels like magic! Google will help you perfect the settings and the technique. Once you are all set up, your child can be so creative with this technique, from drawing pictures to practicing letters and writing their name!