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Authentic Photography: Natural Lighting vs. Studio Lighting

Lighting Photo

Natural lighting in photography is exactly what it sounds like, it is photography that utilises the light gifted to us from the earth! It’s one of those things that is super simple in concept, but, when you really put the time in to understand and work with it the effect can be incredible. As photographers, learning how to work with light is photography 101, but through our experience with the medium we develop creative ways to push the boundaries of working with what the world gives us. Through our understanding of light, we also learn how to create environments using artificial lighting in order to build certain atmospheres in our very own studios. This is a complex process that requires a lot of technical knowledge and patience, but again, when done properly it means that we are able to control every element of an image!

There are benefits to both lighting techniques and different kinds of shoots require different kinds of light. Lighting choices will be influenced by a plethora of things from the subject to the intent of the shoot, but rest assured, the photographer will have a good idea of what lighting will work best for your needs. To answer the question of which is ‘best’, natural or artificial lighting? To put it simply, neither is better than the other. The most important thing about lighting is that your photographer understands how to work