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Child Portrait Sessions, An Alternative To School Photos!

Child Portrait

All parents know the pain of the school photograph. A universal sigh occurs as you are told (last minute in the playground) that photo day is coming. From the stress of wondering if your precious bundle of joy will do their new “smile” (at least that’s what they call it!) to fetching your magnifying glass to inspect the tiny image they provide you with in order for you to decide if it is worth the purchase, we can all agree that an alternative would be nice… So why not consider switching the panic of school photo day for a child portrait session with your local photographer? Child portrait sessions are all about revealing their big personality, having fun and getting some great pictures that show off exactly who they are right now! It’s a very similar concept to the school photograph in that the aim is to encapsulate all that your child is in each passing year, however, the experience is quite different… in a good way! At your alternative school photo session your child can absolutely come in their school uniform, or if you would prefer, they can come in something else! This decision