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A headshot is more than just a photo, it is an important marketing tool.


People like to see who they are dealing with and a professional, friendly photograph will work wonders.


Our photographs are perfect for website team pages, Linkedin, social media and for use on marketing materials.




We offer photographs in a more relaxed environment, whether it's outdoors or in your place of work. 


The aim is to reflect you and your character.


We will offer you some great inspiration for locations to enhance your image and will help you decide the location that's right for you.




We understand many artists are looking for something more unique, more provocative and more creative than the standard headshot style and we absolutely love developing creative solutions to help you stand out. 

Get in touch and lets talk about how we can work together to develop your creative photography solution.


How It Works

Stace photography

Headshot & Portrait


Artists & Entrepreneurs


Make a phenomenal first impression, book an on location headshot session.


Perfect for freelancers and use on Linkedin.

Includes 2 professionally edited digital images as standard.

Additional images can be purchased separately at £25 per image

From £75 per 30 min

NOW £50 per 30 min!

Business Headshots

Stace photography Rates

Boost your companies image with on location professional business headshots. 


Perfect for team pages, portals & social media meet the team posts.

Includes 2 professionally edited digital images per person as standard.

Additional images can be purchased separately at £25 per image

From £65 per Person

NOW £45 per Person!

( Minimum 10 people )

Corporate Booking

Stace Photography rates

Refresh your companies image, 

celebrate your teams, get everyone involved & show your customers how well you work together.

Includes 2 professionally edited digital images per person as standard 


Discount for Large bookings

(minimum 40 person)

From £50 per Person

NOW £35 per Person

( Minimum 40 people)

Stace photography quotes

The photos were amazing & had a great variety to choose from, she put a lot of effort into getting the right angles & lighting & was such a pleasure to work with, definitely recommend


Kate (Debt Enforcement Manager)  


stace photography quotes

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Do I need a professional headshot?

If you have an online presence you need a professional headshot. For individuals, social media and professional sites like LinkedIn can be first visual impression someone will get of you. Making that first impression with a professional headshot can make the difference in how you’re perceived & ensure that both professional & personal relationships get off on the right foot. If you have a web page for your business a headshot is a must-have element for your “About" section. You’ll hear it again & again on this site: Headshots tell a story. If your story needs to be one of a confident, approachable professional, get a professional headshot.

What should I wear?

Wear something you like & that fits well. Wear something you’re comfortable in & something that you feel is flattering. Headshots are mostly about your face so we strongly recommend against anything that will compete with your face. Bright colors and strong patterns can quickly complicate a headshot while subtle textures can add depth & highlight your face. Solid colors work extremely well. Your clothing should reflect who you are. Avoid any skin-toned colors as this can cause problems. Simple is better.

What happens if we need to prospone or cancel the session?

If you need to postpone or cancel your Headshot session please let us know as soon as you can, even if its sending us an email or text during closed hours. We will then work with you to agree an alternative date. Cancellation of a photo shoot made more than two weeks before the date of the shoot will incur loss of deposit but no further fee.

How far do you travel?

We are open to travelling anywhere however this may incur an additional fee to cover expenses.

Do you retouch your images?

All pricing includes basic retouching and color correction. Temporary blemishes that will be gone in a few days or few weeks can be removed & slight variations in skin tone can be made less noticable. We desire is to shoot pleasing, comfortable, flattering but accurate images that… wait for it… tell a story therefore will only reduce the presence of scars, moles, birthmarks, or any other permanent facial feature & minimize the effects of natural at your direction and this will incur an extra charge for more advanced editing. Additional retouching at your specific direction is charged at an hourly fee.

What are environmental headshots?

Environmental headshots are images that do not have the smooth or textured background associated with most headshot photos. Usually taken in your office/ work place, whether it be indoors our out these images tend to have a more natural feel. Environmental headshots also tell more of a story because of the ability to add elements that help set a mood or tone for your photo. It is important when shooting in any environment to ensure that the person being photographed is still the hero of the image.

Whats the difference between a Headshot & Portrait?

Usage. All headshots are portraits, We listen to our clients needs, whether your an artist, muscian, businessman/ woman and capture the image you want to portray. The way you use it is up to you.

Do you come to us?

Yes we do! We turn up to you with camera, lighting, & sometimes a backdrop if agreed, though often a plain wall in the office can work just as well as a specialist photography backdrop. If you are unsure of the space required, please email us a quick picture (taken on your phone is fine) of the space you’re thinking of, so that we can check to see that it will work.

What is the turn around time?

Standard turnaround time for images delivered to you is 2-3 working days after the shoot, providing the invoice has been settled. The files are delivered via an online download link. It is vital that you actually download the images when the link is sent, rather than just view them online. This is because the link is temporary so will expire within a week.

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