• Stace

Portrait VS Business Headshot

When a photographer is working with a client there is lots of lingo and terminology that can be overwhelming for the customer. In discussions, the lack of clarification on these terms can lead to minor break downs in communication and confusion for the client about what to expect. It can be so helpful for everyone involved when we take a moment to stop and consider what exactly the words that we use every day really mean. Not only does this help from a photographer’s perspective to consider the discourse and applications of it, but also, for our clients simply breaking down the terminology help to set the record straight.


Let’s have a look in to a common area of confusion. Let’s consider the difference between a portrait and a business headshot and figure out what these terms are actually referring to!


Broadly, a portrait is a documentation of an individual that shows an accurate likeness of the person.

Often, a client will want a portrait for persona