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Beat the Heat: Preparing For An Outdoor Summer Photoshoot!

Outdoor Photoshoot

Summertime is just about great for everything, outdoor activities become a lot more popular as the warm weather and longer days arrive. The blue skies, warm days and flourishing landscapes also make summer a really popular time of year to book photo sessions, from weddings to family photoshoots we truly do it all in the summer! The one thing that can be a slight pain in the summer is the heat! It’s a blessing that allows us all to enjoy the outdoors and have beautiful events and days out, but it can be a curse when it comes to photoshoots, unless you know how to deal with it. We want to share a few tips on how exactly you can beat the heat this summer and enjoy your photoshoot!


It goes without saying that hair and heat are simply not best friends. Tame and silky hair is hard to achieve at the best of times and once you factor in the heat you are pretty much destined for your locks to look bad in your photos, right? Wrong! There are a few things that you can do to have photo ready hair this summer.