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Beat the Heat: Preparing For An Outdoor Summer Photoshoot!

Outdoor Photoshoot

Summertime is just about great for everything, outdoor activities become a lot more popular as the warm weather and longer days arrive. The blue skies, warm days and flourishing landscapes also make summer a really popular time of year to book photo sessions, from weddings to family photoshoots we truly do it all in the summer! The one thing that can be a slight pain in the summer is the heat! It’s a blessing that allows us all to enjoy the outdoors and have beautiful events and days out, but it can be a curse when it comes to photoshoots, unless you know how to deal with it. We want to share a few tips on how exactly you can beat the heat this summer and enjoy your photoshoot!


It goes without saying that hair and heat are simply not best friends. Tame and silky hair is hard to achieve at the best of times and once you factor in the heat you are pretty much destined for your locks to look bad in your photos, right? Wrong! There are a few things that you can do to have photo ready hair this summer.

Outdoor Photoshoot

First of all, consider styling your hair in curls. Curls are great for hot weather because they naturally have that imperfectly perfect thing about them. They can move with the wind and even have some fly always and they will still blend together and look great! You can finish up with some hair oil or hair spray to help tame those tops bits and then get on with your shoot worry free. Another great style that usually stays put is French plaits. These look really beautiful and show of your

features whilst staying out the way and being quite robust too! Another great thing about plaits is that you can have some fun styling them, from popping flowers into them or pairing them with a bandana, it’s a timeless style that works wonders in the summer heat! If straight hair is your signature, then the best thing to do would be to book a hair appointment at the salon. They are the hair experts and they will not only style it perfectly ready for your photoshoot, but they will also use the right products in the right places which will help to combat frizz, fly-always and any other hair mishaps! If this is not possible, then hairspray, hairspray, hairspray!


Makeup can really help you to feel your best at your photoshoot and for some people plays a huge role in self-esteem. And when you feel good on the inside it shows up in the photographs. Sadly, much like hair and heat, makeup are not great friends either. My biggest tip for makeup on a hot day is to scale it back! There are a few reasons for this. Having heavy makeup will block your pores and make you feel hot and sweaty which is not the desired aesthetic! Alongside this, as you inevitably sweat, the makeup will begin to slide away. It is a good idea to bring a few products with you so that you can touch up as you go. Especially something like a powder to conceal any oiliness and give your face an even finish. A handy little tip, especially if you have oily skin or sweat quite easily is to bring some blotting paper. You can pick this up from most high-street health and beauty stores for a couple of pounds and it may just save the day so it is worth doing if you can! This will help to eliminate shine and any oiliness on your skin. Alternatively, tissue and a touch up will do the trick. Mostly, when it comes to makeup common sense will keep you right. We have all been on enough night outs to know which products stay put and which don’t! It is usually best to skip products like eyeliner under the eyes or other areas that are prone to smudging, but whatever makeup you choose to go with for your shoot, a setting spray is an amazing idea to help to keep it all in place!


One of the best tips for shooting in the summer is to dress appropriately. Really consider what you are wearing from the fabric to the fit because it really is important! First of all, stay away from long sleeves, heavy trousers and clothes that cling to places like the armpits or neck. This is simply because you will be uncomfortable.

There is nothing worse than feeling hot and bothered and it will mean you are trying to endure the shoot rather than enjoy it! Another great tip to help you to stay cool is to avoid very dark colours as they absorb more heat than lighter ones, a simple swap from black to white will make all the difference!

One more thing on clothing… avoid grey! Grey and other light block colours show sweat marks very quickly, instead opt for sleeveless tops or dresses, flowy material or a different colour.

Patterns are fantastic at masking all kinds of

marks, from sweat to sun cream!

Last, but by no means least, here is a handy list of don’t forgets!

- Water, and lots of it!

- Sun cream, plus extra for top ups! - A hat for in between shooting!

- Hay fever tablets for allergy sufferers!

"If i'm going to be a mess, I might as well be a hot mess, right?" - Mindy Kaling





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