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When you work with a professional photographer there seems to be some apprehension about the cost of the end results. As such, clients tend to go for the digital copies as they believe it gives them the most freedom later on. The problem with this is that a photo experience is to capture the here and now.

Displaying our photographs online is an act we participate in for the benefit of everyone else. Displaying in our homes is for our own pleasure. A physical photograph can be gifted, as well as passed on or passed around. The photograph as an object creates a space where nostalgia and “remember when’s” happen. A physical photograph facilitates infinite moments and lives a life of its own as it travels through the hands of those who need to remember.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with digital images and the ability to share your cherished photographs online for your friends and family to see is a gift. Here at Stace photography we recognise that and offer a Social Sharing Package; a selection of digital images compressed to the correct sizing to be shared across social media channels. We offer this at a lower rate to that of a digital high-resolution image. This is simply because although we recognise the need to share your images digitally, we also think that having a bunch of expensive high-resolution digital images sat tucked away on a hard drive is not the best way to enjoy your images! You could instead purchase a beautiful physical product of your most favourite that you can really savour.

In the same way that a made bed, or vase of fresh flowers sparks joy, a photograph does the same. It becomes part of our décor. Whether it be a feature above the mantle or a gallery as you climb the stairs, a photograph prompts positive feelings on a daily basis upon seeing them.

The photograph becomes part of our décor, our everyday, and as such, the quality and framing of it is important. It should be as special as the art itself, and compliment all that the image has to say.

Here at Stace photography we offer a selection of photography products that you can proudly display. The quality of our printing, framing and other luxury photo products is exceptional and will not only give you immediate pleasure, but it will also be able to stand the test of time as your photograph begins its journey.

Art objects live on far longer than we do and are often treasured from the moment they are born. Your photograph will bring joy, reflection and prompt memories for years to come. It is so important to value these rare items that prompt such joy. Paying for the skill of a professional to capture these moments to then get the digital versions printed elsewhere for cheaper does not make sense. They can only be printed at a cheaper price because the quality in both the service and the materials is lacking. These kinds of places do not manipulate your photograph in anyway. If you’re image is not the correct sizing for the product you have requested, they will simply stretch and distort your beautiful memory. Time and time again these services offer botched jobs where you receive a grainy distorted version of what you sent. That is not to mention the limited paper types, low quality materials and cheap frames that they can supply you with.

It only makes sense that your treasured object is made with care by specialists in these areas.

The beauty of getting your physical photography product from the company that took your photographs is that they know you. They can talk you through your needs, requirement and budget. They can show you proto-types and examples and there is no disappointment. They will work with you to ensure that your cherished art object will spark joy for years to come. Whether it be a frame, canvas or a memory book you will be receiving the bespoke service that the company promises.

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”

- Andy Warhol

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