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When you work with a professional photographer there seems to be some apprehension about the cost of the end results. As such, clients tend to go for the digital copies as they believe it gives them the most freedom later on. The problem with this is that a photo experience is to capture the here and now.


Displaying our photographs online is an act we participate in for the benefit of everyone else. Displaying in our homes is for our own pleasure. A physical photograph can be gifted, as well as passed on or passed around. The photograph as an object creates a space where nostalgia and “remember when’s” happen. A physical photograph facilitates infinite moments and lives a life of its own as it travels through the hands of those who need to remember.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with digital images and the ability to share your cherished photographs online for your friends and family to see is a gift. Here at Stace photography we recognise that and offer a Social Sharing Package; a selection of digital images compressed to the correct sizing to be shared across social media channels. We offer this at a lower rate to that of a digital high-resolution image. This is simply because although we recognise the need to share your images digitally, we also think that having a bunch of expensive high-resolution digital images sat tucked away on a hard drive is not the best way to enjoy your images! You could instead purchase a beautiful physical product of your most favourite that you can really savour.