• Stace

Wall Art: What Are The Options?


Wall art is so important to bringing some life to your home. Whether you are minimal or maximal in styling your house, wall art is a crucial part of bringing the room together and creating the right vibe for you. Family photographs don’t have to be styled in old worn out cardboard frames on our bed side tables. There is a way to bring photographs of your loved ones on to your wall in a timeless and sleek way.

Here are some tips to help make your walls pop!

Style The first thing to consider when you are choosing art for your home is what style would best represent your family and work well for the aesthetics of your space. You may have a clear and direct style throughout your house in which case you can use that to direct you towards what style photograph makes the most sense. For example, you may have a deliberate modern and minimal style throughout your home and so the best style too compliment this would perhaps be a high key studio shoot or a bohemian inspired family beach shoot. If you don’t have a really clear aesthetic in your house, consider the specific needs of the piece of art you require. Do you want a large striking contrast piece that will be the focus of the room or are you looking for some smaller less imposing art? All of these considerations will ultimately help you pick the best wall art for you.