• Stace

A Personal Branding Session is So Much More Than A Headshot.

What is a Personal Branding Session?

You can think of a personal branding session as a tailored photoshoot for your business. The essence of a personal branding session is to display your businesses values, services and uniqueness in a visual way. This is so important from a marketing perspective to ensure your visual material is communicating your authentic story. It is also important to recognise your customer base and respond to that with your content. Considered and tailored sessions really help you to legitimise your small business by marketing yourself and your services or products as a brand. In doing this you naturally attract and establish your customer base. Ultimately, a brand is far more than a logo or a catchy name. Branding your business in the right way can impact your outreach and help you to establish new clients. A brand is more than just the things we can actually see and as such can communicate and create certain emotions, thoughts and feelings for your audience. The outcomes from a personal branding session will help to keep your visuals across all platforms cohesive and sleek. This in itself creates the building blocks for establishing a brand. Consistency, professionalism and uniqueness are key.

Identify and Set Goals

First of all you need to cons