The Benefits of Original Photography Versus Stock Photography?

Any brand – from micro-business to multinational corporation – is keenly aware of the importance of using the absolute best possible images for their digital activities, from marketing to website content, to help promote their wider brand messaging.

As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and the power of visual imagery cannot be overstated. However, there is a conundrum at heart of brand messaging– should you use cheaper and generic stock images or invest in high-quality original photography that has been purposefully crafted for your own unique brand marketing needs?

Why Use Stock Photos for your Business?

There are a myriad of providers, from Adobe to Getty Images, and you can buy photos for a few pounds – you can even subscribe on a monthly basis giving you access to millions of generic, non-specific High-Definition images. Herein lies the problem, great visual images help engage with your audience and assist them in feeling part of your brand. This lack of business-specific authenticity is the central problem with stock images.

Why Use Original Photography for your Business?

The greatest and most authentic benefit of using professional original photography for your business is that you can direct the wider tone and underlying atmosphere of your images. This is important because it helps to nurture and drive your brand message within your business’s digital image-based marketing strategy.

Your images can connect in a more authentic way – for example if you run a crafts company, having authentic and original photos of your products and processes over generic images from stock libraries mean you can showcase what “makes you different” in a crowded marketplace. Uniqueness is central in showcasing your business through the power of original photography.

Finally, cost is another benefit. You own the original photos there are no on-going monthly subscription costs. You pay for the photographic costs, yet they are created for your own unique brand messaging needs, and thereafter you are free to use and reuse the images as much as you want across as many different platforms as you might need – from your website to Facebook.

Trust – The Power of Original Photography

Your website will be the ‘first port of call’ for any prospective customer. They will use search engines to identify a service provider and then they will access your website. We have talked of building a brand ‘identity’ through messaging and using original photography.

However, there is another useful and unique positive of using original photography. By using images that incorporate both your team and your business retail, hospitality or office headquarters you can establish a real-world connection between your customers – both new and current – and yourself.

Original Business Photography in Stace Photography

Does your business want to improve its trust and authenticity online by highlighting and showcasing your great team and your services or products? We can help provide uniquely tailored and directed photography solutions for your business needs.

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