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Behind The Scenes: Doorstep Diaries MK Exhibition @ MK Gallery The Project Space.

Our Doorstep Diaries MK 2020 Project started during the first lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, We set out to drive some positivity into the community and ended up photographing hundreds of people across Milton Keynes. Towards the end of the project we decided to contact MK Gallery to exhibit this community project, they thought it was an amazing idea and said yes!

We had 2 confirmed dates for our exhibition before this however due to going into another lockdown unfortunately our exhibition kept getting pushed back.

The first confirmed date was: 20th November 2020

The Second confirmed date was: 8th January 2021

both of these dates didn't go ahead because of lockdown 2.0 & tier 4 restrictions.

A year on and lockdown easing we received brilliant news our new confirmed dates are from 18th May 2021 - 27th June 2021!

These dates looked promising and now we are fortunate to say our exhibition is up to go along and remember the positive times during lockdown and highlight the good memories we spent together.