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Drive Online Sales With Optimised Product Shots

Professional product photography is crucial to your online business being a success. It seems obvious that when you have a store that runs online the visual media should be sleek and professional and the photographs should showcase your products in the best possible way. But did you know just how important having optimised product shots really is and how it can help to drive online sales?

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Here are some stats that show just how crucial great product photography is.

75% of online shoppers rely on product photographs when contemplating a potential purchase. (Efelle 2018) That is an extremely large number of customers who rely on your business providing high quality optimised product shots before they will commit to purchasing from your shop. This is too high of a percentage to ignore; your business simply cannot afford to wing such an integral stage of the online selling process.

64.2% of online shoppers report that they make a return when “items don’t match the description or expectations. (Statista 2020) Returns are inevitable when running an online store. This is understandable as often customers can misunderstand the product, sometimes products arrive damaged or faulty or perhaps don’t fit the buyer as expected. These are all expected reasons an item could be returned and really are unavailable. A product being returned due to it appearing differently online should absolutely not be a reason for a return. It is up to the seller to ensure that their product, both images and description are accurate and not at all misleading. The miss-representation of a product and its details and colours does not happen with professional product shots. Having aesthetic visual content makes your business 40% more likely to be shared on social media platforms. (Efelle 2018) Another telling statistic as to why product shots are integral to your e-commerce business i